Biodiesel washing equipment from BioFluidTech

Washing Biodiesel

Biodiesel needs to be "washed" before it can be safely used in most engines. Washing and polishing biodiesel is therefore an essential part of your biodiesel production. The process of washing biodiesel removes impurities from your alternative fuel, such as excess lye, which can severely damage engines. BioFluidTech does not recommend water for washing biodiesel as it is not environmentally friendly. Instead of wet washing biodiesel we recommend you to "dry wash" your alternative fuel. Dry washing is proven to removing impurities from biodiesel and making it much easier to manufacture ASTM/EN 14214 standard biodiesel fuel. Our dry washing equipment is simple to use for biodiesel washing. Simply pump your biodiesel through out unique towers and voila! Purified biodiesel comes out the other end.

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Biodiesel Washing Equipment

Using our range of biodiesel washing equipment is an easy and very cost effective task, requiring only purification towers and the Eco2 pure or purolite, no filters as used by other complex techniques, making it simpler and more cost effective to use than other solutions.


Eco2Pure is a unique cellulose based, natural and Sustainable composition of adsorbent technologies, specifically formulated for biodiesel Purification from any feedstock.
Eco2Pure composition is designed to optimise Purification efficiency and contamination removal, combined with increased flow enhancement characteristics.

Eco2Pure is designed to be a filter-free wash process with no consumables in the wash stage. Each kilogram of Eco2Pure™ is capable of purifying between 93-185 gallons of biodiesel*, making it the lowest cost drywash biodiesel Purification method in existence today.
Eco2Pure removes soaps, catalyst traces, residual methanol, moisture and other production residues from biodiesel, thereby assisting in the attainment of EN14214 & ASTM-D6751 quality standards.

Eco2Pure outperforms existing Ion Exchange Resin (IOX) technologies in terms of fuel quality, Purification speed as well as price, boasting the lowest Purification costs on the market today. $0.02 Cents per gallon* Eco2Pure can be used to replace or compliment your existing Purification system whilst allowing for a
reduction in overall Purification costs.

The frequency of re-bedding (replacing the spent media) will depend on the level of impurities in your biodiesel, the amount of biodiesel treated and the size of the Treatment Tower. So a single 50kg Treatment Tower could only require re-bedding on average every 9,250 gallons. Loading is fast and simple and once Eco2Pure™ is loaded, no other intervention is required. Once the Eco2Pure™ is bedded in the Treatment Tower, it automatically purifies the biodiesel in a single passage of flow.



Eco2Pure and ion exchange washers

BioFluidTech has helped pioneer waterless washing of biofuel with PuraBio or Magnesol. We are technology independent. For some users ion exchange (Purolite) works best, for others Magnesol is the ideal solution. In fact we also offer water wash solutions when a user specifically recommends it.

Our range of biodiesel washing equipment covers everything you need to wash your alternative fuel effectively WITHOUT water.

The sample of biofuel on the left of this picture is biofuel produced from waste oil after 24 hours settling.

The sample on the right of this picture was the identical sample after washing and polishing with PuraBio and our unique polishing units.

When you wash and polish your alternative fuel - ASTM/En standard biodiesel is more than just a possibility. Don't leave your bio diesel to chance. Wash and polish it to perfection.


Model Number: EWU- 4X50K-4P
Four 50 kg Treatment Tower with 4 Filter Pots
• Industrial use
• Removes soaps, production residues and contaminants
from biodiesel
• Water and solid contamination removal
• Cartridges included in pots
• Power Supply: 240VAC,110VAC or Air Drive
* Prices quoted are for 110 and 240 Versions only

Standard Specification:
• Industrial use
• Removes soaps, production residues and contaminants
from biodiesel
• Water and solid contamination removal
• Cartridges included in pots
• Power Supply: 240VAC,110VAC or Air Drive
* Prices quoted are for 110 and 240 Versions only
Accessories included:
• Suction and return hoses 2m
• QRC (Quick-release couplings)
• Towers fitted on mobile base with wheels
** On-line particle counter optional

Example shown:
Model Number: EWU- 8X50K-6P
Eight 50 kg Treatment Tower with 6 Filter Pots



Removes contamination to 3μ absolute

• Removes water and solid contaminants from
biodiesel, diesel and oil
• Removes residual production residues and soaps
from washed biodiesel
• Low, cost rugged design
• Compact footprint, portable
• High performance filtration system
• Simple, portable design
• 240/110 VAC 50/60 Hz operation
• Air supply version available on request
• Optional laser particle counter with PC software
• Long element life
• Easy, efficient cost savings
• Plug and play operation
• Essential for wet wash and resin users